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Nancy has over 10 years of Muay Thai/kickboxing experience. She started her fight career in Arlington, VA then later moved to Vegas to train competitively. A few years later, Nancy made her way back to the East coast. In 2019 Nancy spent some time training in Thailand. She has been coaching Muay Thai/ Kickboxing/ strength […]

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David is a professional Boxer with 22 fights; 16 wins. One of his many accomplishments includes starting a Boxing academy in his home country, Rwanda. Basajjamivule is former WBF Champion and East and Central Boxing Federation Champion. In June 2017, David went to Russia to compete in the IBF/WBA title fight. He also competed in […]

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Tom Wilson has over 10 years of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, & MMA experience under his belt. He is a 2x State Finalist wrestler and 1x Champion. He wrestled at Ohio State, holds a 7-1 MMA record and has a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Sula Segawa, originally from Uganda, has over 22 years of boxing experience under his belt. Segawa holds the 2019 National Boxing Association Intercontinental Champion title. In addition to his title, Sula has had over 240 amateur fights and 15 pro-fights. He is currently ranked #99 out of 1547 as best pro-boxer in the world. Before […]

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Lawrence Randolph Kennedy is known simply as Randolph in the fitness industry. He has certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Flexibility Certification through Annete Lang. Randolph credits his boxing skills from Olympic Gold Medalist Charles E Mooney. He has trained with William Joppy, Simon Brown and Mourice Blocker just to […]

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Kickboxing and boxing coach for 7+ years. Has competed in kickboxing tournaments around the US for 10 years – 3 consecutive years in national championships. Has trained hundreds of clients and various professional athletes in the business

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