Outdoor Classes

Per Governor Hogan’s direction, Urban Boxing Bethesda will be holding outdoor classes starting Monday July 6th, 2020. These are the classes we can teach based on trainer availability. 

  1. If you are an active member and have confirmed your membership use the discount code sent to you. 
  2. Classes will be limited to 20 people plus 1 coach.
  3. Please follow social distancing guidelines throughout the class (maintain a distance of 6ft, wear masks, wash hands).
  4. Classes must be reserved online.
  5.  In the event classes sell out, we will add additional classes to the schedule.
  6. Due to limited class sizes due to social distancing guidelines please only have 2 open reservations at any one time.
  7. If your class is sold out you can book at the other Urban Boxing locations. 
  8. We will add more classes as we finalize schedules.
  9. You can book a class one week out.